Our main focus is on providing a maildrop in Tehachapi for PCT hikers. We also coordinate local trail angels that wish to provide transportation to hikers. We do not coordinate local rides in Tehachapi. We aim to provide transportation to/from the PCT.

The mission of Wits’ End is to work in partnership with local and regional organizations to further the goals of cultural diversity, educational opportunities, assistance to travelers in the region and the preservation of the recreational wilderness for both local and general communities.  There is no charge for receiving packages.

Donate via Paypal and you may also help support us by using Amazon Smile or

We have a zero tolerance policy for any type of discrimination, bias, or comments based on any gender, sexual, racial, political, ethnic, religious, or cultural differences. Volunteers need to keep their opinions on any of these matters to themselves while helping at Wits’ End. We also ask that our volunteers do not project prejudgment about hikers based on any rumors or statements made by anyone;  everyone gets a clean slate when they walk in our gates (including our volunteers). Any volunteers engaging in activities or comments that are offensive to ANYONE of our hiker guests or other volunteers are not welcome and will be asked to leave. Because everyone is welcome at Wits’ End, and it is imperative that our volunteers create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere.

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