Angels Angels Angels

Trail Angels are stopping by every day. If they are not physically coming by, then they contact me other ways. April is quickly approaching. May is when we will be going full blast. While this is our first year offering the maildrop, it will only improve before next year. We hope that the hikers experience the benefit of having a maildrop in Tehachapi.

Hours and Days of Operation

We will be open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. It will be daily beginning 15 April 2018 until 30 June 2018. Anyone who needs assistance outside of those hours and dates, please contact us.


Call us +1 (661) 7 five 0 4852

Send me a WhatsApp message!

Windy day

Today was windy but while I was outside cleaning the windows in front of the place snow began falling.  It did not last long, it was for only a few minutes, but quickly I realized the windows could wait until a warmer day.

Patty came by with clean curtains and curtain rods for the front windows.  Hence the reason for cleaning them today.  The rods are up, but we need to shorten some of the curtains.

Patty listened to my remodeling priorities and gave me feedback on them.  Things that will get done in the next week,  more things will get done after payday.

The hope is to get the exterior rear wall completed by a week from today.

Preparing for it

We wanted to be further along in the renovations. The things we wanted to have completed by April may not occur. That will not impact the services we provide.

The first goal of this entire project was to offer a place to pick up and send packages. That is easy. That will happen. The rest of it will take time to refine. As we move forward, everything will improve.

March 2018 Update

The renovations are progressing along. We have been very fortunate to have a friend help us get ready for the next inspection. Winter and the wet season has arrived later this year. That has impacted our progress. Meaning – it has been more challenging to work in a cold house. But we are trudging along. We planned to be fully up and running by April. We may not be 100% completed until months from now, but that does not impact the mail drop availability. Instead of having everything ready, we will have the mail drop and hiker portion arranged by April 1. Completing the renovation this way has turned out to be more helpful. It will allow us to get over a third of the house remodeled and ready. We will continue to work on the rest of the house with the goal of being 95% completed by October 2018.


I got a call moments ago from Kawana with Home Depot. She confirmed that the deadline for the permit to install the roof has been extended to the end of August. While I am not thrilled with how long it has taken to get this done, I am relieved that she is pro-actively calling me. This is the first time they have contacted me to update me about an issue. We started this process a year ago. The new install date is August the 17th. It was August 17 last week. I hope and pray it is done by the end of August.

Wits’ End begins

This is the beginning of Wits’ End.  It will serve as a mail drop for hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail.  Future posts will include updates on the renovations.  Soon, a new roof will be installed.  All we are waiting for is a span of time without rain.